Maximize the efficient use of idle parking space.

A world with clean cities and green land.


We think, plan & build for the future

What we do

HAH is the market’s first all-in-one parking solution – a software platform created to utilize and monetize otherwise unused space.  Did you know that 33% of major city surface area sits empty day-to-day? There is an abundance of parking space, but the $10 billion parking industry needs new technology to better connect drivers to the right space at the right time.

How we do it

Our platform is cashless, contactless, and hardware-free.  Need a place to park your car, food truck, or RV?  Sign up in seconds, find space, book, and be on your way.  Want to earn money on your empty space?  Whether you’re a city, business, or individual, our platform makes it easy to list, enforce, and manage your space.  Paper tickets, coins, and kiosks are out – all you need is your smart phone!