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  • Private Label Web Application

  • No Download Required

  • No Passwords to Remember


  • Proprietary LPR Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence Powered

  • Scan in Less Than 2 seconds

  • Instant Remediation Payment


  • Robust Financial Reporting

  • Granular Availability & Rate Scheduling

  • Monthly Pass Management

“XPressPark takes the pain out of parking, it provides easier access to local businesses, and it reduces the cost and time needed to reliably and easily park within a city.”  

Michael Lake
Michael Lake | President & CEO

“Being a church, we didn’t necessarily want to be in the Parking Industry. With XPressPark, we’re able to easily manage our lot, realize income, and do it in a very professional manner. XPressPark does all the work for us!”

Michael Wade | Parish Council Member
Michael Wade | Parish Council Member